Ask a Vegan – Question & Answer Session

After you’ve learned more about the plant-based lifestyle by sampling all of the wonderful foods we have available to us, you might have questions about how to adopt this lifestyle or at least to add more plant-based meals into your diet. Our panelists will answer all of your questions during our Ask a Vegan panel discussion.

Our panelists are:

  • Dr. Kristen Gerhardstein –  Family doctor with Parkview Health who follows a plant-based diet
  • Laces & CeCe – Under the name Black Seed Vegans, Laces & Cece educate others on the plant-based lifestyle
  • Jacqui Russett – Founder of Plant-Based University which enables anyone to take charge of their health by adopting a simple, plant-based lifestyle

Heather Dahman, the founder of the Veg Academy & Fort Wayne Vegans & Vegetarians Group, and chairman of the Fort Wayne Veg’n Brew Fest will moderate our panel discussion. Heather has been vegan for 10 years.